What we do

Specialising in Challenging Construction Projects with Precision and Expertise

New builds

Design and Planning Expertise:

Regiis has a team of experienced architects and designers who excel at creatinginnovative and functional designs for new builds. We prioritise thorough planning andattention to detail, ensuring that every aspect of the design meets our clients’ needsand preferences.

Quality Construction Materials:

At Regiis, we understand the importance of using high-quality constructionmaterials to ensure the durability and longevity of new builds. We have establishedstrong relationships with trusted suppliers, allowing us to source premium materialsat competitive prices.

Skilled Craftsmanship:

Our team of skilled craftsmen and tradespeople are experts in their respectivefields, with years of experience in constructing new builds. Regiis’ dedication toskilled craftsmanship results in new builds that are not only aesthetically pleasing butalso built to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Efficient Project Management:

Regiis employs efficient project management practices to ensure that new buildsare completed on time and within budget. Our proactive approach to projectmanagement minimises delays and maximises efficiency, resulting in smooth andsuccessful new build projects.

Attention to Sustainability:

We are committed to incorporating sustainable building practices into our newbuild projects, minimising environmental impact and maximising energy efficiency

Client Satisfaction and Support:

We provide personalised support and guidance to our clients, from initialconsultations to post-construction follow-ups, ensuring that their needs andconcerns are addressed every step of the way.

When choosing Regiis for your new build project, you can trust that you’re partnering with aconstruction company that excels in every aspect of the construction process. From innovativedesign and quality craftsmanship to efficient project management and sustainability, we arededicated to delivering new builds of the highest caliber. With our unwavering commitment toclient satisfaction and years of experience in the industry, Regiis is the ideal choice for clients whodemand excellence and reliability in their construction projects.


Structural Renovations:

Regiis specialises in structural renovations, seamlessly blending modern upgradeswith existing structures.

Interior Design and Remodelling:

Our team of designers excels at transforming interiors, creating stylish andfunctional spaces tailored to our clients’ preferences.

Restoration of Historic Features:

With extensive experience in historic preservation, Regiis carefully restores andpreserves original architectural features, maintaining the charm and character ofhistoric properties.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades:

We prioritise energy-efficient upgrades, incorporating sustainable materials andtechnologies to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of refurbished properties.

Project Management and Coordination:

Regiis provides efficient project management and coordination, ensuring thatrefurbishment projects are completed on time and within budget.

Attention to Detail:

Our team pays meticulous attention to detail, from fine finishes to precisecraftsmanship, resulting in refurbishments of exceptional quality and aesthetics.

We offer a comprehensive range of services delivered with unparalleled expertise and attention todetail. With our commitment to preserving historic features, integrating energy-efficient upgrades,and delivering stunning interior designs, Regiis stands out as the premier choice for clientsseeking excellence in refurbishment projects. Trust Regiis to transform your property into a stylishand functional space that exceeds your expectations.


Energy-Efficient Design:

Regiis specialises in designing energy-efficient new builds, incorporating passivedesign principles and renewable energy systems to minimise energy consumption.

Sustainable Materials:

We prioritise the use of sustainable building materials, such as recycled, reclaimed,and locally sourced materials, to reduce environmental impact and promotesustainability.

Green Building Certifications:

Regiis has extensive experience green building, ensuring that our new builds meetthe highest standards of sustainability.

Healthy Indoor Environment:

Regiis focuses on creating a healthy indoor environment in new builds by usingnon-toxic building materials and incorporating natural ventilation and daylightingstrategies to enhance indoor air quality and occupant comfort.

Long-Term Sustainability Planning:

We provide long-term sustainability planning for new builds, offering maintenanceand monitoring services to ensure that sustainable features continue to operateefficiently over time, maximising the longevity and environmental performance of thebuilding.

We are committed to integrating sustainable practices into every aspect of the constructionprocess. With our expertise in energy-efficient design, sustainable materials, green buildingcertifications, water conservation, indoor environmental quality, and long-term sustainabilityplanning, Regiis is the ideal partner for clients who prioritise environmental responsibility andsustainability in their construction projects. Trust Regiis to build a sustainable future for your newbuild project.


Adaptive Reuse Expertise:

Regiis specialises in adaptive reuse projects, converting existing structures intonew and functional spaces with innovative design solutions.

Structural Modifications:

Our experienced team excels at structural modifications, seamlessly integratingnew features while maintaining the integrity of the original structure.

Space Optimisation:

We are skilled at optimising space in conversions, maximising usable area throughthoughtful design and layout adjustments.

Building Code Compliance:

Regiis ensures that all conversions meet building code requirements, navigatingregulatory hurdles to deliver compliant and safe spaces.

Historic Preservation:

With a deep appreciation for architectural heritage, we excel at preserving historicfeatures in conversions, maintaining the character and charm of older structures.

Customisation and Personalisation:

Our team works closely with clients to understand their vision and requirements,delivering conversions that are customised to their preferences and lifestyle.

We offer a wealth of experience and expertise in transforming existing structures into beautifuland functional spaces. With our adaptive reuse expertise, skilled structural modifications, spaceoptimisation techniques, commitment to building code compliance, dedication to historicpreservation, and focus on customisation and personalisation, Regiis stands out as the premierchoice for clients seeking exceptional conversion projects. Trust Regiis to bring your vision to lifeand create a space that exceeds your expectations.


Innovative Design Solutions:

Regiis specialises in innovative design solutions for airspace construction,maximising vertical space while maintaining structural integrity.

Structural Engineering Expertise:

Our experienced team of structural engineers excels at designing andimplementing robust structural systems for airspace construction, ensuring safetyand stability.

Efficient Project Management:

We employ efficient project management practices to coordinate airspaceconstruction projects, minimising disruptions and ensuring timely completion.

Comprehensive Legal and Regulatory Knowledge:

Regiis has a thorough understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements forairspace construction, navigating complexities to secure necessary approvals andpermits.

Attention to Detail:

We pay meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of airspace construction, fromplanning and design to execution and finishing touches, ensuring high-qualityresults.

Client Collaboration:

Our team collaborates closely with clients throughout the airspace constructionprocess, prioritising open communication and tailored solutions to meet their uniqueneeds and preferences.

We offer a combination of expertise, efficiency, and client-focused approach that sets us apartfrom other companies. With our innovative design solutions, structural engineering expertise,efficient project management, comprehensive legal and regulatory knowledge, attention to detail,and commitment to client collaboration, Regiis delivers superior results in airspace construction.Trust Regiis to elevate your project to new heights with our unmatched capabilities and dedicationto excellence.


Site Assessment and Analysis :

Before commencing any project, we conduct a thorough site assessment, identifying potential issues and devising a strategic plan tailored to the unique needs of the site.

Environmental Compliance :

Regiis places a premium on environmental responsibility. Our Remediation service is designed to meet and exceed regulatory standards, ensuring compliance with environmental guidelines throughout the construction process.

Cutting-Edge Technologies :

Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we employ innovative solutions to remediate construction sites efficiently and effectively. This includes advanced soil stabilisation techniques, contamination control, and sustainable materials management.

Project Management Excellence :

Our dedicated project management team oversees every aspect of the Remediation process. From coordinating logistics to managing timelines and resources, we ensure a seamless and well-executed remediation journey.

Risk Mitigation :

Regiis is well-versed in identifying and mitigating potential risks associated with construction remediation. Our proactive approach minimises disruptions and enhances the overall safety and success of the project.

Quality Assurance :

Quality is at the forefront of our Remediation service. Rigorous quality assurance measures are implemented at every stage, guaranteeing that the remediation process aligns with the highest industry standards.

Regiis stands as a beacon of expertise in construction remediation. Our knowledgeable team, combined with a commitment to excellence, positions us as the go-to partner for clients seeking reliable and insightful solutions to construction challenges. Trust Regiis to navigate the complexities of construction remediation with unparalleled proficiency.”