Our CSR Mission

Committed to Making a Positive Impact: Our CSR Initiatives

Our CSR Mission

We believe in building a home for the future as well as today. By nurturing the world around us, we can make sure our business operates fairly, sustainably, and provides a future for our planet. We create partnerships with those that we trust, to ensure that we are building a workforce with the same values as us.

We don’t limit our passion for construction to planning and building. Our personal CSR mission is to recruit individuals from BAME backgrounds, to encourage people of various backgrounds to expand our knowledge of the world around us and incorporate more communities into our philosophy. We aim to hire locally, to positively impact Section 106. We utilise upskilling and apprenticeship schemes to find our future workforce.

We work with various academies to source our apprentices with the help of organisations like Cerberus UK and YouthBuild, in courses like Bricklaying, Drylining and Carpentry. We know that building partnerships like this have an incredible impact on the lives of individuals and entire communities.

We also work with people who have come out of the Social Services Care system, Ex-Military personnel, and Ex-offenders, both youths and adults.

We commit ourselves to these programmes because we want to. Our passion and drive to make a difference in every sector is what pushes our business forward, and makes us strive to do better. If there is a sector you believe we can make a difference in, let us know and we will look into how we can help.