Our commitment to sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and we ensure throughout we operate thoughtfully and practically, to ensure the design and development is at the highest level it can be. We produce and promote a flourishing and inclusive community, with a family-friendly environment, fit for the 21st century and the expanding and diverse tapestry that Britain has become. We use renewable and innovative strategies to play our part in conserving the environment for future generations.

We have integrated sustainability into the way we work, which has created a strong business model moving forward, and generated more value for all of our stakeholders. We know there has never been a better time to make a change in our local and global community.

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Sustainability for our business isn’t just about a particular set of targets, although they are very important. We run our business for the long term and so sustainability, in the widest sense, has always been a key part of our decision making. You can see this approach at work Regiis Green, from our absolute commitment to health and safety and investment into build quality, through to developing our people and subcontractor relationships.
Doing the right thing for our customers is a key priority for Regiis Green.

Technology has always been a constant through civilization. The technology has always been there, so maybe we need to apply the traditional methods with the technology of our time, which means we will be able to do more with less and create a more stable environment and help climate change by constructing sustainably.

We announced our intention to work with Thoth London (Sustainability ECE – Tech Consultancy) to support our future building commitments, investing to ensure our builds are safe and meet current requirements.

Our commitment to innovation is central to helping us achieve our sustainability purpose. Reflecting this, we are moving towards integrated carbon reporting. Following feedback from stakeholders, we have also widened the scope of our reporting and will have reports against sustainability criteria for the first time.

As a responsible business, we want to play our part in creating a sustainable future for everyone. We focus on the sustainability issues so that future generations will benefit from the actions we make today in our business and the areas where we can have a positive impact. Our sustainability framework reflects the importance we place on creating high-quality sustainable homes for our customers.

It also highlights our commitment to create value for all stakeholders by operating responsibly and playing our part in protecting and regenerating the natural environment. We have taken the steps now in direct response to environmental issues, including climate change and biodiversity through our new environment strategy.

With the launch of our environmental strategy, we will play an important part in creating a greener, healthier future for our customers and communities.

Our strategy focuses on the key environmental impacts for our business: climate change, nature, resources, waste and renewables. We have set a challenging carbon reduction objective, by sciencebased target initiatives to ensure we align our progress with the international Paris Climate Agreement.

We will engage our supply chain to influence positive change beyond our business and reduce the significant environmental impacts associated with the goods and services we buy.

We have also included several targets that will directly help our customers to reduce their own footprint by smart innovation and IOT to achieve their aspiration of a greener and healthier lifestyle.

Our World – Our Home – Our Future is in trouble and we aren’t standing on the side lines watching.

We want to be a major part of the solution – working together to minimise the impact we have on climate change and protecting our planet for future generations.

We’re committed to making change and thinking globally but acting locally, we will play our part to create greener, healthier homes in the UK.

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