Diverse Expertise in Various Sectors.

Residential Sector

“In the residential sector, Regiis stands out as a construction innovator, having demonstrated exceptional expertise in the UK market. Over the years, Regiis has developed a deep understanding of the sector’s dynamics. Our proficiency extends to incorporating sustainable materials such as energy-efficient insulation and smart home technologies, ensuring not only quick construction but also environmentally conscious practices. Regiis leverages innovative construction methods, including modular construction, reducing project timelines without compromising on quality. Our commitment to delivering excellence is evident in our consistent use of cutting-edge practices, making Regiis a trusted name in the residential construction landscape.”

Permitted Developments

“Regiis has established itself as a construction thought leader in the permitted development. Our in-depth knowledge of the landscape is reflected in our strategic use of materials like sustainable steel and advanced glass technologies, contributing to energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Regiis is at the forefront of incorporating Building Information Modelling (BIM) and other cutting-edge technologies to streamline project management, resulting in an impressive track record of completing projects 20% cheaper than industry averages. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Regiis is redefining standards in the permitted development construction sector.”

Industrial Sector

“In the industrial sector, Regiis is a construction powerhouse with a proven track record of delivering complex industrial facilities. Over the past decade, Regiis has successfully completed 15 major industrial projects, totalling over 2 million square feet. Our expertise includes the use of pre-engineered metal structures and advanced concrete technologies to ensure durability and cost-effectiveness. Regiis leads in the integration of robotics and automation in warehouse construction, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced construction timelines. Our focus on sustainable practices is evident in our utilisation of eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient design, making Regiis a go-to choice for industrial construction excellence.”

Public Sector

“In the public sector, Regiis has expertise in tailoring infrastructural solutions that resonate with community needs and governmental objectives. Regiis specialises in customised construction approaches, integrating high-grade materials such as sustainable resources and cutting-edge technologies to address the distinct demands of public projects. Regiis stands as a beacon of excellence within the public construction domain.”