Join Our Team: Explore Exciting Opportunities at Regiis Construction

Grow your career

As a vibrant and forward-thinking company, Regiis is dedicated to fostering a nurturing and inclusive workplace, fostering an environment where employees can flourish and surpass their potential.

From the onset of your journey with us, you’ll be provided access to an extensive array of training and development initiatives tailored to elevate your skills and expand your knowledge. Collaborating with seasoned and insightful professionals, passionate about their craft, you’ll find mentors committed to not only guiding your success but also advancing your career. Regiis is resolute in its commitment to propelling employees into elevated roles and managerial opportunities, ensuring a clear path for progression within our dynamic organisation.

Find your purpose

Regiis actively engages in a diverse spectrum of projects aimed at enhancing the built environment, fostering job creation, and contributing to economic growth.

Whether you’re involved in a sizable commercial development, a fresh residential endeavor, or an infrastructure initiative, you’ll find the chance to truly influence the lives of people. At Regiis, every employee plays a pivotal role in projects that make a tangible difference. You become an integral part of a team steadfast in its commitment to delivering projects of the utmost quality—projects that are not only safe, sustainable, and innovative but also resonate with our dedication to ensuring each employee feels fulfilled in their contributions to our shared success.

Advance your skills

At Regiis, we are fervently dedicated to offering you avenues to elevate both your personal and professional growth. We firmly hold the belief that continuous training and development are integral to the prosperity and success of our business.

Within our framework, an array of opportunities awaits, spanning from apprenticeships to leadership training, catering to diverse one-off training needs—be it in enhanced interpersonal skills or technical expertise across various domains.

Through our structured and consistent Performance and Development Reviews (PDRs), we collaboratively set objectives and pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring that you not only have the means to achieve your full potential but are empowered to do so. At Regiis, your growth is our priority, and we are committed to providing the platform for you to thrive and excel.

Our support system

At Regiis, prioritising workplace health and wellbeing is paramount, reflecting our dedication to cultivate a supportive culture that equips every team member with the tools and training needed to flourish.

Beyond physical health, Regiis is deeply passionate about the happiness of its employees. We are dedicated to creating an environment where each individual feels seen, valued, involved, and appreciated. Our commitment goes beyond professional growth — it extends to fostering a workplace culture that nurtures the overall wellbeing and happiness of every member of the Regiis family.

Equality and diversity

At Regiis, we adopt a proactive stance to guarantee that all team members, contractors, and suppliers fully understand our commitment to equal opportunities. As part of our comprehensive induction process, every employee receives written confirmation outlining our policies and expectations.

Our managers are dedicated to conducting skills and competency-based interviews, ensuring objectivity and consistency in our selection processes, be it during initial hiring or internal promotions. Talent planning meetings are a key component of our approach to assessing performance and potential, guiding decisions regarding training, development, promotions, or internal moves.

The principles of fairness extend to our performance management process, where objective documentation facilitates an unbiased review of individual achievements and deliverables. At Regiis, diversity is not just a principle; it’s a lived reality. We proudly employ individuals from all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities, exemplified by our diverse workforce that includes talented individuals from the Philippines, Nigeria, the UK and more. The strong sense of community at Regiis ensures that individuals from various walks of life seamlessly integrate into our company, contributing to the richness of our corporate culture.