Sustainable Homes

We know how important it is to help maintain our planet before it is too late, which is why we have decided to change our approach to new projects.

Regiis Green has partnered with expert consultants in sustainability to provide net Zero homes, and all of our partner companies are as dedicated as we are to building sustainable homes. We have gained vast amounts of experience in new-age technology, which helps us ensure that we are truly creating net-zero homes.

Some of the features that we include in our robust and sustainable communities are :

  • Triple glazed windows. This way the heat that is generated inside can be retained inside the house, meaning less energy needs to be used to heat the house and keep it warm.
  • Black slate roof with solar panels. The Black slate doesn’t need to be double lapped, and the solar panels help promote independence from the national grid, thus saving more energy.
  • Air-powered shower. The air-powered shower uses air to atomise the water into droplets 2.5X larger than ordinary showers, meaning that 50% less water is used.
  • Net-zero street lighting. The net-zero street lighting uses solar power reducing the reliance and dependence on the national grid.
  • Graphene Paint. The use of graphene paint reduces CO² and has very low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels.
  • Hemp or Sheep Woll Installation. This is used as a thermal buffer, to help retain heat within the house and save on wasting electricity. It also regulates the temperature between day and night by significantly reducing the impact of heat variations between day and night.

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