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Regiis are passionate about sustainability, and this is why we are committed to retrofitting existing properties within the UK.

We believe everything can be updated and modernised without the need for extreme ‘solutions’, and this is why we are taking positive action towards poor living conditions. Everybody should have a home that works for them, regardless of the age of the building.

We find that builds from the 1960’s and 1970’s throw up a number of problems for residents and landlords.

Some of the problems that are faced by old builds like this are:

  • All-electric heating is high cost – which is both a social issue and a health and safety issue
  • Maintenance costs are mainly for condensation and water ingress.
  • Exposed panels are damaged by the weather and need constant concrete repairs.
  • There are often security-related issues, in regards to open decks, balcony arrangements, and unsecured windows and doors.
  • Decant and Demolition is deemed too expensive and too disruptive to residents by local councils and housing associations, meaning that old homes are left to stagnate, along with the people living in them.

We aim to work on the Regeneration and Intensification of Council Estates, by working closely from the 2016 UK Government Policy for Regeneration of Council Estates. Our alternative and sustainable approach to housing estate regeneration means that we eradicate the need to knock down the existing houses, and instead focus on refurbishing existing buildings, allowing residents to stay in their homes during the process. We retrofit upgrading the houses to modern, energy-efficient homes, to amplify the comfort and practicality of each residence.

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