Retrofit Coordination

We have in house sustainability consultants and experts in retrofit coordination. This allows us to provide specialist advice and expert consultancy on all areas of sustainable construction.

The UK Government have recently set new targets to ensure that the various industries involved in sustainable development are ready to apply the new standards by 2025.

By 2025, new homes will be expected to produce 31% lower carbon emissions from 2021. Existing homes will too be subject to higher standards, with a significant improvement in regards to the standard for extensions – making homes warmer and reducing bills.

Housing Minister Chris Pincher has announced that all new homes and businesses will have to meet new industry standards, to lower energy consumption and bills, stating that it ‘is vital to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 and protecting the environment for future’.

“The radical new standards announced today will not only improve energy efficiency of existing homes and other buildings, but will also ensure our new homes are fit for the future, by reducing emissions from new homes by at least 75%.”

“This will help deliver greener homes and buildings, as well as reducing energy bills for hard-working families and businesses.”

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